Online Counseling for Pregnancy, Postpartum and more

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You could really use some help.

You're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and like no matter how hard you try you're still not making the progress you need to feel whole.

You're wondering why you feel so worn out, resentful, and fearful that it will always be this way since this isn't sustainable.

You may feel:

  • Not really sure who you are anymore

  • Uncomfortable in your body

  • You're never "enough" as a parent, spouse, child or friend

  • Dissapointed or unsettled by your pregnancy or birth experience

  • Unbalanced managing parenthood, household tasks, and working

  • Anger or crying freqently

  • Lonely and comparing yourself to others

  • You're barely taking care of yourself

  • Guilty no matter what you do

  • Worried or anxious

  • Conflict in your relationships

  • Low sexual desire

  • Pelvic pain or maternal birth injury

  • Your friendships have changed

  • Disagreements with your parents, siblings, or inlaws

  • You're not getting the support you need

This isn't how you envisioned things would be.

People have told youthat it takes time to concieve, that pregnancy can be uncomfortable, birth is challenging, or that becoming a parent will change your life. However you weren't expecting it to be quite this hard.

Therapeutic support for:

  • Postpartum depression

  • Postpartum anxiety

  • New parent adjustment (both mothers and fathers)

  • Pregnancy and postpartum sex therapy (individuals and couples)

  • Antenatal depression (depression while pregnant)

  • Antenatal anxiety (anxiety while pregnant)

  • Emotional support during IVF or IUI

  • Grief after miscarriage

  • Infertility

Reproductive Health

The term "perinatal" includes pregnancy and the first year after birth. However I also work with individuals and couples who:

  • Want to have a child and are not able to concieve

  • Are going through fertility assistance treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

  • Are undecided on or in disagreement about whether or not to have a child (or more children)

  • Conflicted over birth control method or sterlization

  • Experienced a loss through miscarriage, abortion, or termination for medical reasons (TFMR)

  • Still feel that issues from the past related to infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, birth, or postpartum are still unresolved and are carrying forward to the present, no matter how long ago they occured

You're ready to:

  • Respect your own limits and communicate them to others

  • Find the right balance between being a parent, working, and taking care of yourself

  • Get in touch with aspects of yourself that exsisted before you were a parent so you can feel whole again

  • Tune into your own feelings and needs that you may have been neglecting

  • Release the guilt that comes with some of the difficult decisions you have to make

  • Makes some changes to create a life you are content with

  • Feel calmer, more stable, and less anxious or angry

  • Break the cycle that you experienced growing up

  • Be the kind of parent and person that you are proud of

  • Feel joy and contentment again

I can help.

I have advanced training and education in pregnancy and postpartum issues including being certified in perinatal mental health through Postpartum Support International. I am passionate about reproductive wellness and I am currently pursing my Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology.

I am familiar with the all too common struggles that accompany this time of life and have years of experience supporting many men and women through these difficulties. I love guiding others to get to a place where they feel joy again so they (and the next generation) feel more whole and fulfilled. You don't have to go through this alone anymore.